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Thank you for all your encouragement. In the midst of all the chaos and confusion of the contemporary culture, I'm happy to know that the Ruzuku Team "has my back" regarding the creation and delivery of one very important expression of my life's work. I am at ease and content in that realization.
Dave and Joby
It took me some time to start working with the Ruzuku platform. Now that I have gone live, I love teaching with the technology you provide. It is so intuitive to use. I am glad I invested as a founder member. My students are loving it too!!
Steven Critchley
I am not an affiliate or anything, but I purchased the Pro Platform a few months ago and have created several courses along with the courses that are done for us. It is easy to learn and they have thought of everything. I have made 5 figures using this platform in just a couple of months. I have tried several platforms and this is by far the best.
Laurie Anderson
I was able to create and launch a new course in less than an hour! It is SO easy to use, and the ability to make a copy of an existing course saves a ton of time!
Susan Mazza
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the most amazing customer service and free, useful content out there. I really appreciate the help you provide your subscribers. Very impressed and grateful, which is SO unlike other companies out there .... You guys are THE BEST. So happy I chose you over the other teaching platforms.
Fiona Duncan
I'm absolutely delighted with the product and looking forward to working on expanding services. The system has saved me SO much time and helped improve client learning. I'm receiving positive feedback about the [course] I've developed on your platform!
Vivian Zottola
I feel confident that I can create more courses easily...” I've loved working with Ruzuku to create my first online course. The technology is very simple for me to use (which is something I value highly), and I've been extremely pleased with the results. I had tried other platforms in the past, gotten frustrated, and simply abandoned the project altogether. The content in their marketing program is also a powerful addition, helping me understand the fundamentals to creating a successful launch of my course. I feel confident that I can create more courses easily based on my experience so far.
Carrie Doubts
Uses Ruzuku to help people rebuild lives after big life transitions like divorce, bereavement, retirement, and job loss on
It was good for me to get started [with a template]… I was really able to go into what I really wanted to create based on the platform. And I found that the platform was a lot easier than I thought it was. It’s really, really exceptional in how it’s so easy to navigate. And now the experience that’s even more exciting is that I’m able to navigate [my clients]. They’re able to do it very easily, and even the communication has become very easy.
Barbara Daoust
The flexibility and variation of how I can set up these courses has been wonderful.... I'm also thinking of using some of those Instant Courses for some free, additional bonus courses as I launch my upcoming school. It helps to have one learning library to go to. Before this, I had my own systems that I was using that weren't user-friendly. People had to come to me for support. Now I have a whole team at Ruzuku that can take care of my students in navigating the technology. So I can really focus on my students' learning, which is wonderful. And it's allowed me to offer them more courses.
Janae Bower
Founder of Inspired U School
I’ve been using Ruzuku for over five years now and have found it to be the perfect solution to my online course creation needs.
Steve Schwartz

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Who owns my content?

You do! As part of the terms of service, you give us a license to distribute the content from our servers, but you own the rights to your content and intellectual property.

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Are the unlimited plans really unlimited?

Yes. None of our plans cap your data, storage, or courses, or students.

Can I change plans at any time?

Definitely! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Just go to the “Plans & Billing” page in your account. Email us if you need any help changing your plan:

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Currently we accept all major credit cards. Please get in touch if you need an alternate way to pay:

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