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The ever helpful Steve Schwartz's profile picture. Click to read why he loves Ruzuku. The vibrant Anne Branne's profile picture. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. The joyfully mindful Sharon Rudyk's profile picture. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. Image Maven Marlene Hielema's profile picture. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. The Browdering David Browder's profile picture. Click to read why he loves Ruzuku. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku. Click to read why she loves Ruzuku.

The ever helpful Steve Schwartz's profile picture Steve Schwartz Uses Ruzuku to help people pass the LSAT at lsatblog.blogspot.com

I’ve been using Ruzuku for over five years now and have found it to be the perfect solution to my online course creation needs.

I started with Ruzuku after I’d already written several books within my niche (LSAT preparation) and created dozens of free YouTube videos that my audience enjoyed. When thinking about what type of content to create next for my audience, it seemed clear that creating an online video course was the next step.

However, I didn’t have the technical skills to host it and build a platform, and this was getting in the way of growing my business and offerings to the next level.

Because I’m a sole proprietor, I didn’t have a tech-oriented employee or partner to handle this side of things, and I didn’t see any reason to hire an expensive hourly consultant to reinvent the wheel.

When reviewing the various online course providers out there, Ruzuku immediately stood out among the rest as a great match. I liked that they focus on the technical side of things, leaving the instructors to focus on content creation. Since I already have a decent-sized audience, the fact that they don’t focus on marketing courses for you worked well for me. I also liked that my course wasn’t one of many in a marketplace — instead, my course could be presented in a more closed environment, free of distractions from other courses.

As I mentioned, I’m not the most tech-savvy person and don’t have any kind of computer programming background. When creating or uploading content to Ruzuku, I would sometimes have trouble with a technical aspect — usually some minor detail. Ruzuku tech support would always quickly respond to my emails. And, when I was having technical difficulties on the day I was launching my second course with Ruzuku, Miriam responded almost immediately. Whenever I, or my course students, have trouble with anything, Miriam is great about responding to emails within a few hours at most, and it’s often in minutes, not hours.

The level of customer service Ruzuku provides is unparalleled. I only wish that my cell phone company was as responsive as they are!

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The vibrant Anne Branne's profile picture Anne Brannen Uses Ruzuku to help people arrive at their most creative, vibrant, giving, fruitful self at annebrannen.com

This was an extraordinary experience. I’ve taken online courses that I loved, but disliked the way they were handled. They needed a platform, and they had no platform. So I’d been thinking about how to put the course together, AND what methods to use to launch it. All questions now answered.

I’m so glad to have found a method for including my teaching with my coaching. My gratitude is endless.

The joyfully mindful Sharon Rudyk's profile picture Sharon Rudyk Uses Ruzuku to help people find their joy through mindfulness at yogamatrika.com

I just want to say thank you because Ruzuku is offering a great product and awesome customer service. I love creating courses and Miriam is so nice that sometimes I just want to call and say hi! Thank you for all that you do.

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Lisa Bloom's email feedback Lisa Bloom Uses Ruzuku to share the power of storytelling at story-coach.com

Massage therapist Ruth Werner's profile picture Ruth Werner Uses Ruzuku to help massage therapists serve their clients at ruthwerner.com

“I do want to compliment you on Ruzuku -- it has been amazingly easy to use and I am very happy with it so far!”

Privacy expert Jean Eaton's profile picture Jean L. Eaton Uses Ruzuku to help companies manage privacy at InformationManagers.ca.

“I have been using Ruzuku in many ways – creating free online education opportunities to build my list and provide great services to my clients; short on-demand lessons as lead magnets that I can easily share on social media; and in-depth multi-media training during single event or multiple lessons in a course. The Ruzuku platform guides me to build courses with good instructional design.

The easy to use discussion questions and built in student portals has driven my student engagement to levels I’ve never seen before with any other webinar or course platform. I’ve even moved my membership content to Ruzuku – so much easier for my clients to navigate, find and use the resources that I’ve designed for them.”

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Image Maven Marlene Hielema's profile picture Marlene Hielema Uses Ruzuku to help people take amazing pictures at imagemaven.com

Setting up online training using ruzuku gives you more time to create and sell your content, because the back end setup is all taken care of. And trust me, I’ve tried both ruzuku and the DIY membership site method. If anything doesn’t work the way you thought it would, Ruzuku tech support is always near! Thanks for creating such a great product!

The Browdering David Browder's profile picture David Browder Uses Ruzuku to help people become better leaders and communicators at browdering.com

Just got through signing up and transferring over a course I had started on another account. Seamless, instant customer service, on a holiday weekend! My experience so far with Ruzuku is top notch. It’s a clean, elegant and easy to use platform… but the customer service makes it a no-brainer if you are teaching hybrid learning courses.

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Sarah McVanel's profile picture Sarah McVanel Uses Ruzuku to help leaders recognize and engage top talent at greatnessmagnified.com

“Ruzuku has been incredibly service-oriented and responsive! You have a great service model.”

Parent coach Lisa Mackenzie's profile picture Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie Uses Ruzuku to help parents connect with the wonder of childhood at thewonderofchildhood.com

“I am really impressed with the quality of Ruzuku and the awesome customer service you provide!”

Energy worker Carolyn Cooper's profile picture Carolyn Cooper Uses Ruzuku to provide energy training certification and energy healing classes at simplyhealed.com

BTW, we love using the Ruzuku course format for our classes. It seems to flow so much better now than what we were working with before. Thanks much to you and your team!

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