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Imagine if teaching online were really easy…

You know, instead of hours of tutorials, 57 tech tickets, and 1 major meltdown, you could upload your course in a day…

Instead of a headachy patchwork of plugins and apps, you had one simple, seamless platform to accept payments and run your course…

Instead of wondering why your community was quieter than crickets, students lit up the screen with their insights, breakthroughs, and celebrations.

That sounds fun, right? 

Well, now imagine having more time to serve your students and help them grow… and more time to optimize your offers and help your business grow, too.

Yup… time to think. To breathe… 

And time to enjoy sharing that part of you that makes the biggest difference to the people you care about… your students. Which is probably why you wanted to offer an online course to begin with. :-)

You got it with Ruzuku…

With Ruzuku, teaching online and growing a loyal, enthusiastic community are easy.

We’ve eliminated the headaches and streamlined the ENTIRE process into one elegant, simple-to-use platform that happily hums in the background of your business.

And whether you’re new to online teaching or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll get up and running fast – in as little as a day. That way, you can start teaching as soon as possible… and keep the magic flowing – and your business growing – for years to come.

With Ruzuku you will...

Create a course you're proud of…

so they become raving fans who do priceless word-of-mouth advertising for you.

Grow a library of courses and videos…

so you can support every aspect of your work and your students’ growth.

Teach when you want, as much as you want…

so YOU feel in control of your schedule, not your work!

Build a profitable online business…

so you can create a joyful, ‘pay-it-forward’ kind of life you love.

How we help (in less than 2 minutes!)

What people say…

Ruzuku has made my life so much easier and has helped me to help more women. Ruzuku has taken so much of the stress and effort out of running my program. I am very happy! I love the look and feel of my course — you all did a great job!
Photo of Amy
Sara Wiseman
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you guys do – from providing an awesome platform to your wonderful support. It’s not an overestimation to say you’ve transformed my life and the lives of thousands (!!!) of my students – long may it continue!
Photo of Manuel
Manuel Puro
“I don’t feel like another number. Your team seems to truly care about the product and service. I feel very confident if there is a challenge, it will be addressed quickly and the resources available are invaluable.”
Photo of Julie
Julie Olsen, DPA
“Ruzuku is a dream to use. This was the best business decision I have made to date.”
Photo of Deb
Deb Porter
“Very happy with Ruzuku, which has revolutionised my online courses. Clean design, intuitive admin and massive flexibility - you can see the PhD behind this product!”
Photo of Nigel
Nigel Clark
“I am very impressed by how easy Ruzuku is to use. And your support staff are really great. Miriam answered so quickly with just the right amount of problem-solving and empathy. You’ve clearly created a great culture there.”
Photo of Paul
Paul Banas

Why choose us?

Fast, simple course creation with community and 24/7 support.


You’ve got an amazing course. You’re excited to share it and help students grow. So why fuss for weeks getting it to them? Ruzuku makes building and launching your online course easy and FAST. In just one day, you can be ready to go with an attractive, easy-to-navigate course students love.


Let’s get real… you’ve got a lot on your plate! That’s why we’ve honed and optimized every element of Ruzuku’s online course platform to make it simple and seamless. You can practically ‘set-and-forget-it’... so you can go all out on what matters most to your students and business.


What’s the secret for a blockbuster course? A community of students who gobble up your trainings… gush about their discoveries… then tell others, “This is AH-mazing!” That’s why Ruzuku’s course setup is hardwired to make connecting – for you AND your students – fun, easy,  and as automatic as brushing your teeth.


If you’re human, you’re going to have questions! That’s why Ruzuku’s expert tech team is standing by 24/7 to support you and keep you moving ahead as quickly as possible. Plus, they answer your students’ tech questions, too, to save you time and energy… and keep them on track with your course.

Get Our Eyes on Your Course

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Why go it alone? We’ve helped more than 2,000 course creators serve 1 million+ students and earn more than $20,000,000 in revenue… and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

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“First, we actually are LOVING the new Ruzuku format!
It's super streamlined, polished, easy to navigate and very user friendly.  There is no detail you have missed, and even added more features.  I especially am thrilled with the "auto save" when writing posts and messages!! Again, you did an incredible job with the upgrade and continue to offer superior assistance and customer service to my community.  You don't disappoint.”
Joanne Sharpe
artist & teacher